Whare is a concept, a philosophy and an approach to create, re-create, to reimagine and to be inspired and inspire to look at things in a new light.  A different point of view of what is by some considered old or not worthy and to look at man made objects or nature and produce a unique vision.  A vision we hope you might share.

Dana Gyalokay’s unique eye and approach to recycle, explore and visualize has seen her unique skills et being used for interior design, branding and advertising.  From concept stores to galleries, from recycled wood to african waxprint, from light design to industrial store concepts, Dana’s ideas have now been manifested in © WHARE website and online store, where her very personal taste’s are now available to buy.

Previously only selling in Berlin to those who know, © WHARE is now available internationally.  WHARE likes to learn and explore.  Please contact us you are interested in any of our objects and products.  We love to collaborate and get your input.  Wishing you all love and light.  The ©WHARE team.