Coffee table, dining table or side table....

 Your WHARE table is the center of  your living room and therefore it can not be anyone. Monochrome or colorful, filigree or massive, here's your choice.




The collection BLOCKS transformed conventional into exceptionel.

The end-grain blocks, which are widely used for industrial flooring, are for the worked for the Blocks Collection by hand in a special process into robust and sustainable panels. 

End-grain reveals the natural aesthetics of the annual wood rings characteristics, making each table a unique one-off piece.

Clear lines and shapes meet contrasting, harmonious colours that set new accents in every room. 

Hand-welded steel frames emphasise the industrial character and give the table a timeless design.





People enter into relationships with furniture. They give a home a soul and are at best reliable partners for years.

Aesthetics and functionality are combined to create an instant vintage with WHARE’s Blocks Collection. The individually designed tables comply with the desire for exclusivity and uniqueness  form serves function.


Hirnholz Tische
ab 339,00 € 1.125,00 € / m2
Hirnholz Tische
ab 630,00 € 1.290,00 € / m2
Hirnholz Tische
530,00 € 1.207,00 € / m2